Friday, October 31, 2014

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UK Scientific Reports Says Hydraulic Fracturing Can Be Safely Undertaken

Photo from Royal Society
Photo from Royal Society

An expert scientific report commissioned by the UK government has concluded that there is every reason to expect that shale gas extraction using hydraulic fracturing method can be undertaken with appropriate safeguards.

The report, undertaken by a working group made up of members of the Royal Society and the Royal Academy of Engineering, found that the controvesial technique of fracking could be carried out provided best practices are used and that proper regulation is in place.

Report chair Professor Robert Mair said that the group concluded that seismic issues such as earth tremors associated with hydraulic fracturing, were "not significant" and were lower that natural seismicity experienced in the UK and lower than seismicity caused by mining operations.

Mair said that the potentional for ground water contamination did exist though faulty well construction and that ensuring the best standards of construction was a crucial aspect in ensuring hydraulic fracturing could be safely undertaken.

Read the Media Release HERE

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