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Poland & EU Continuing Shale Gas Tax Talks

(Source: Talisman Energy)
(Source: Talisman Energy)

The Polish government and the European Union are still in the process of discussing tax incentivisations for shale gas in Poland, the Chief Executive of Talisman Energy has said today.

Speaking today, John Manzoni said the two parties were looking at ways to make investment more attractive in the country.

"The government and the EU are still working out how to make the process more conducive to investment," he said. "They're in that process."

Talisman Energy is one of the most prolific shale gas explorers in Poland, with a total of three exploration wells already begun in the country. Earlier this month, Talisman, together with partner San Leon Energy, completed its second shale gas exploration well in Poland, in the Baltic Basin. Positive results were reported from the Rogity-1 well, with continuous showings of heavy hydrocarbons, including C1-nC8, indicating a wet gas system. 

The rig from that operation is now due to be moved to the Szczawno concession to drill the Szymkowo-1 well. Talisman is the operator of both wells.

Mr. Manzoi was today reserved about the potential for success of shale activity in Poland, saying, the results were "not discouraging, just too early to tell."

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