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ENI/KOGAS to Commence Exploration Activities in Cyprus' EEZ

The ENI/Kogas consortium will commence exploration activities offshore Cyprus in the weeks to come. The consortium holds drilling licenses for Blocks 2, 3 and 9 of the island’s Exclusive Economic Zone. The activities will last between 12 to 18 months depending on the findings, according to a statement...

NYT: A Stress Test for E.U. Energy Supplies

Europe is conducting two stress tests. One is on its energy suppliers, to see how badly they would fare if flows of Russian natural gas were disrupted. The other is on eurozone banks to ensure they are strong enough to finance economic recovery. It is hard to know which of the two stress tests is more...

AFP: Ukraine Crisis Accelerates Russia-China Energy Cooperation-

Russia aims to boost its economic ties with China, particularly in the energy sector, in the face of Western sanctions over Ukraine, but this could prove a high-risk strategy. On Monday, far from the fighting in Ukraine and the threat of fresh Western sanctions, President Vladimir Putin launched what...

Week 36 Overview

The 36th week of the year has been dominated by the (shaky) ceasefire struck on Friday by Ukrainian officials and pro-Russian separatists. But the dazzling news of a truce might have overshadowed some events that, in the long run, could have even more significant consequences. In the last days, the...

The Guardian: Why fracking should be for the many

Fracking should be a defining issue in the general election. We should work hard to make sure it isn’t a footnote. If the scale of gas is anything like the claims made by its advocates, it has major implications for the economy and British society. Besides its worrying environmental aspects, it...

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