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RFERL: Russia And The Price Of Crude Oil

A balanced budget for Russia depends on an average price of crude oil between $110 and $115 per barrel. But with prices recently falling below $90 and signs that the price may stay low for the foreseeable future, the country may experience shortfalls. Here is where the price of oil was over the past...

Moscow Times: Russia's Gas Monopoly Is Over

The position of Russian natural gas in Central and Eastern Europe seems unshakeable: 100 percent market share in Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania and Belarus, 90 percent in Bulgaria, 80 percent in Hungary and Slovakia, and 60 percent in the Czech Republic...

Polskie Radio: Poland still receiving less Russian gas than ordered

PGNiG said that it has increased orders in connection with the process of filling the company's gas caverns, which have been recently extended. As Gazprom failed to provide higher amounts of gas, the Polish company used imports from the west and south to fill the caverns, the statement says. The release...

LEP: Was decision over Lancashire’s fracking plans right?

A small majority of people say a decision to reject fracking plans in Lancashire was the wrong one. Following the decision by Fylde Council to reject plans submitted by Cuadrilla Resources, the Evening Post asked readers online if they supported the decision. The online survey found that 57 per cent...

Bloomberg: Who's Afraid of a Russian Gas Cut?

How scared should Europe be of a stoppage in Russian natural gas supplies this winter? That depends on whether countries are willing to sacrifice for one another and unify in their response. As Russian President Vladimir Putin basked in applause at a Serbian military parade last week, he sent out a...

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