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Belfast Telegraph: Shale fuels offer us the chance to go greener

While one must take note of warnings from the United Nations in respect of global warming, they should not necessarily be interpreted as requiring the immediate cessation of burning fossil fuels, or as having particular reference to shale oil and shale gas. What we do need (and what also was sadly lacking...

Turkey Attempts to Secure Russian Energy

The threat of a Russian natural gas cutoff to Ukraine has lit a fire under Turkey, one of Moscow's biggest energy clients. Roughly 60 percent of Turkey's natural gas supply comes from Russia through two primary routes, and 12.5 percent of that supply could be at risk if Russia punishes Ukraine and its...

Reuters: Russia's South Stream Pipeline Splits EU Energy Policy

Russia's South Stream gas pipeline is splitting European Union energy policy as EU leaders look to block the project while some member states see it as a solution to supply disruptions via Ukraine. The EU has sought for years to reduce its reliance on Russian gas imports, and Moscow's annexation of Ukraine's...

Vestnik Kavkaza: Ukrainian crisis and gas blackmail by Moscow

As the major political crisis began in Ukraine, the geopolitical competition between Russia and the West stiffened. However, despite addresses of the self-declared Ukrainian authorities to their “supervisors” in Europe and the USA to help them, the West made it clear that NATO wouldn’t...

INSEAD: Is Europe Stuck in a Vicious Energy Cycle

The shale gas boom in the United States has made domestic power producers cleaner and turned coal producers into major exporters. A weak Europe, anxious about fracking, is becoming reliant on cheap U.S. coal to fuel its power stations, trapping it in a vicious cycle. The ongoing European trepidation...

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