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NGE Notes: South Stream Sees First Pipes Produced

  The Russian pipe supplier OMK presented the first pipe produced for the South Stream Offshore Pipeline today at its plant in Vyksa.   The unique pipe joints for the first line of the South Stream Offshore Pipeline have a length of 12-metres, with a diameter of 32 inch (813 mm) and...

IPCC Report Embraces More Gas and Less Coal

The Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) said that technological measures and changes in behaviour are the only ways to tackle global emission of greenhouse gases, mentioning also shale gas as a viable solution.  “Many different pathways lead to a future within the boundaries set by the two degrees...

AFP: Germany's RWE to supply natural gas to crisis-hit Ukraine

RWE, Germany's second-biggest power supplier, said on Tuesday it will start gas deliveries to Ukraine as Russia threatens to cut off the country's supplies. "RWE -- via its trading subsidiary RWE Supply & Trading -- is the first European supplier to commence gas deliveries to the Ukraine in 2014,"...

Press TV: Iran ready to supply natural gas to Europe: Minister

Iranian Minister of Industry, Mine and Trade Mohammad Reza Nematzadeh says his country plans to play a significant role on the world gas market. “Iran has the biggest gas reserves in the world. We don’t want to compete with Russia. We know that Europe’s demand for natural gas is growing...

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