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Polskie Radio: Test extractions of shale gas planned

Poland's minister of the environment has revealed that test extractions of shale gas are in the pipeline over the coming months.  “We have information that some investors aim to carry out the tests this year,” Maciej Grabowski said. “It will be the first such undertaking in Poland,”...

3Legs Resources Announces Closedown

3Legs Resources unveiled its intention to proceed with a closedown, on poor results in Poland.  'In the absence of a suitable alternative course of action, the Company proposes without delay to return its remaining funds to shareholders, net of costs, and put itself into a solvent liquidation,'...

ICIS: German natural gas TSO Open Grid Europe lowers fees for 2015

Germany’s largest natural gas transmission system operator (TSO) Open Grid Europe will introduce a new fee system for 2015 that will lower transport costs for shippers. On Monday it said that as of 1 January 2015 there will be one standard fee for entry into the system set at €3.10/KWh/h...

BBC: Oil industry 'needs to cut costs even if it means job losses'

The oil and gas industry must do more to cut costs even if it means more job losses, it has been claimed. Industry body Oil and Gas UK's annual economic report said operating costs were 60% higher than three years ago while oil prices were falling. There have already been substantial layoffs at companies...

News In English: Baltic gas deals pressed down Russian prices

Norwegian gas deals with Lithuania have led to some lower prices from Russia’s Gazprom, in an apparent attempt to hang on to Gazprom’s Baltic customers. Norway, however, is now playing a bigger role in the Baltic energy sector. First Lithuania agreed to a long-term deal with Høegh...

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