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Reuters: Insight - Sanctions bind Russia's energy elite to Putin

An offer by Gazprom to help rival Rosneft salvage an Arctic oil project shows how tightly sanctions have bound Russia's political and business elite together in the Ukraine crisis - an unintended consequence of the West's punitive measures. Some Gazprom executives now say this month's little noticed...

LEP: More firms back Lancashire’s shale gas moves

Twenty-eight leading British manufacturers today signed a letter calling on politicians “at all levels” to get behind Lancashire’s shale gas proposals. The British manufacturers’ support for fracking comes as a new policy paper is published today by the North West Energy Task...

WSJ: The American Solution to Europe’s Energy Woes

The crisis in Ukraine has once again demonstrated the importance of diversified natural-gas supplies for Europe. Ukraine faces a severe shortage given its dependence on a hostile Russia for gas, and European Union leaders are likewise scrambling for alternatives in case Moscow decides to cut supplies.

European Energy Security: An American Responsibility?

When the Ukraine crisis broke out threatening to compromise Europe's energy supply from Russia, many American politicians and pundits called for the United States to expedite exports of liquefied natural gas, or LNG, to help bolster European energy security. Speaker of the House John Boehner opined in The...

Platts: South Africa's controversial shale gas plans edge closer

Hydraulic fracturing or fracking is one step closer in South Africa after the Petroleum Agency South Africa Tuesday said it would process existing applications for permits to explore shale gas in the environmentally sensitive Karoo. The companies affected include Shell, Falcon Oil and Gas and Challenger...

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