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Changes Looming Over Russia's Gas Industry?

Is the situation in Ukraine strongly related to a shakeup in the gas industry? Kiev is increasingly showing confident and consistent policies, while Russia might be pushed to change its strategy. Diplomatic twists are going hand-in-hand with financial tensions.  It comes as no surprise that...

BBC: Dispute over 'bonkers' EU energy savings plan

EU commissioners are meeting today to agree an energy savings target for 2030 amid serious disagreement about how ambitious it should be. Several countries, anxious over the security of their Russian gas supplies, are pushing for a tough, binding goal. But EU officials are reluctant to agree because...

Reuters: France backs 30 percent energy efficiency goal: letter

France's energy minister threw her weight behind an energy savings goal of at least 30 percent for 2030 ahead of talks in Brussels on Wednesday to thrash out a target. Energy efficiency has gained popularity in the context of the Ukraine crisis as EU member states seek to do all they can to reduce the...

EurActiv: Can Europe 'copy paste' an energy union?

A European energy union is increasingly on the agenda, as tensions with Russia rise and the EU is confronted with its energy dependence on Russian gas. But replicating the model of the banking union is a naive approach. The post-war shock enabled the creation of a European coal and steel community;...

USA Today: Europe's energy policy strengthens Putin's hand

The Ukraine crisis is generating a lot of tough talk about Russia's expansionist agenda into its former Soviet territory. Since the downing of a Malaysia Airlines flight by pro-Russia separatists in the war-torn region last week, the United States and Europe have tightened sanctions against some Russian...

Xinhua: LNG by 2020, South Stream not priority: Croatia official

Croatian Economy Minister Ivan Vrdoljak said on Tuesday that a liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal on the Croatian northern Adriatic island of Krk was on the European Commission's list of priorities and that it should be built by 2020 at the latest. "Energy supply is a priority on the lists of projects...

UPI: Norway confirms Barents Sea oil and gas find

The Norwegian government said Tuesday it confirmed a sizable discovery of oil and natural gas at the Snohvit field in the Barents Sea. The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate, the nation's energy regulator, said it confirmed a Norwegian subsidiary of Lundin Petroleum discovered oil and natural gas at the...

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