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Hungary's Energy Security: LNG and Russia Key Sources

At the Gas Dialogues event in Budapest, Hungary, Development and Use of Natural Gas in the Danube Region: Prospects and Opportunities, Mr. Csaba Kiss, Advisor to the CEO, MVM Hungarian Electricity Ltd., said that to ensure a supply of natural gas for Hungary, LNG and Russia were clearly the only options.

Underground or Underhand Drilling Access?

The UK’s Coalition Government ran a “public consultation” between May and August, 2014, on a proposal designed to simplify existing procedures for underground access intended to exploit oil, gas or geothermal resources. Behind the initiative was a desire to facilitate hydraulic fracturing...

FT: EU seeks alternative energy suppliers

When Guenther Oettinger, the EU’s commissioner for energy, warned last month that Russia might cut natural gas supplies to the continent in retaliation to western sanctions, he firmly placed energy security front and centre of the debate surrounding escalating tensions with Moscow. “That...

Moscow Times: Poland Plays Hardball With Russia on Gas

When Poland last month accused Russian natural gas exporter Gazprom of denying it the supplies it wanted, something did not quite add up: Poland did not need all the gas it was asking for and would have had nowhere to put it. This led some traders in the energy market to conclude...

FT: Hostility limits growth of fracking in Europe

As the US shale revolution continues to transform the country’s energy supply, progress towards establishing whether Europe can follow in North America’s footsteps is at a snail’s pace. Fracking bans across many EU countries continue, with little sign that heightened concerns about...

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