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Week 3 Overview

According to dictionaries, the antonym of eventful is boring. But this is not the case for the gas industry in recent times. Despite major events, the third week of the year was somehow stodgy. The only major event for the industry was the European Commission’s decision to abandon its original...

UPI: Polish shale gas may be too hard to exploit

The geological characteristics in Poland means it may be hard for energy companies to duplicate the shale gas success in the United States, an analyst said. New drilling technologies used for shale deposits have given energy companies access to oil and gas reserves previously out of reach, putting the...

Eni Pulls Out of Polish Shales

Italy’s Eni is likely to abandon its shale gas projects in Poland due to unclear regulation and difficult geology. The daily newspaper Puls Biznesu reported that the oil and gas major would let its three concession fade out. According to a statement sent by the Polish environment ministry to Reuters...

Polskie Radio: Polish shale gas exploration 'too slow'

A report by Poland's senior auditing institution has warned that at the current rate it will take 12 years before the country's shale gas potential can be properly assessed. “In order to carry this out, it would be desirable to have about 200 wells,” the report by the Supreme Audit Office...

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