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Polskie Radio: Nabucco West gas loss a boon for Poland?

The Shah Deniz II Consortium, which controls the largest natural gas field in Azerbaijan, has confirmed that it has opted for the Trans-Adriatic Pipeline (TAP), which will transport the gas from the Turkish border via Greece and Albania to Italy. The Nabucco West connection, which was backed by the...

Deutsche Welle: Polish town says 'no' to shale gas

Fracking is big business, especially in Poland. Estimates suggest the country may be sitting on a gas supply that could cover domestic needs for the next 300 years and end the country's dependence on Russian imports. The countryside around Zurawlow in the east of Poland is an endless panorama...

Nabucco West or Trans-Adriatic Pipeline

Not much time left for the final decision on the pipeline route that will deliver gas from Azerbaijan to the European market. Hitherto, many articles have been written and there have been plenty of scenarios and speculations on this topic. Here, we discuss the key factors that will play a decisive...

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