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North–South Gas Corridor: Geopolitical Breakthrough in Central Europe

Despite delays, a lack of short-term results, as well as turbulent domestic political agendas, the North–South Gas Corridor (NSGC or NSI) remains a priority for all of the Central European states. There are significant differences among them in terms of the level of market liberalisation...

Poland Shale Shuffle (Again)

Piotr Wozniak, Poland’s Deputy Environment Minister and Chief National Geologist, has been removed from his position as the eastern European nation struggles to regain its position as the leader in the development of shale gas in Europe.   Environment Minister Maciej Grabowski dismissed...

Voice of Russia: Future of shale gas

Shale gas is one of the most popular themes nowadays. But in spite of the fact that much is already said about it and many scientific works are written, thanks to certain environmental groups comparing it with natural gas, in the minds of consumers shale gas looks like an alternative, cheap, though very...

Vattenfall Starts Gas Trading in Poland

Sweden’s Vattenfall expanded its business in Central Eastern Europe. It started gas trading in Poland, expecting the market to grow quickly in the coming years  "We expect a positive development of the Polish gas market and want to offer a better choice for big and midsize customers," Frank...

Shale Gas in the EBRD Region: A Game Changer?

Shale gas may help EBRD countries of operations diversify their gas imports. But it is unclear how it will affect emissions without effective cross-border energy and carbon markets. The US energy market has changed drastically since the rise of shale gas in the country. The US is now the world’s...

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