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UPI: British shale company to set new bar

British shale gas pioneer Cuadrilla Resources said Wednesday it's confident it can kick-start a new industry in the country in a safe manner. Cuadrilla in June deposited 21 chapters of environmental studies with the Lancashire County Council associated with plans for up to four shale gas exploration...

CNBC: How Europe can save $110 billion on its energy bills

Setting up effective global regulatory systems has proven to be a challenge. But I'm a glass half-full-type of guy and believe that we can do better - if not globally, then at least starting in Europe. The reality is that Europe needs a more integrated energy system if it is to achieve a better balance...

Blackpool Gazette: Fylde to remain frack focus

The Fylde coast will remain the focus of fracking development in the UK, despite a whole new raft of licences being released by the Government, a gas exploration company said. Cuadrilla Resources, which is aiming to drill exploration wells at Roseacre Wood and Preston New Road on the Fylde, said it...

BBC: Walkington anti-fracking protest tower 'must be removed'

A judge has said protestors must remove a wooden tower blocking the entrance to a site where a firm hopes to prospect for gas or oil. Anti-fracking campaigners built the structure at Rathlin Energy's site at Walkington, East Yorkshire, last month. The firm and the landowner went to the High Court...

Energy Global: In pursuit of UK energy security

According to the Energy Secretary Edward Davey, the UK enjoys a relatively high level of energy security. This security is built on a framework of regulated, competitive markets that incentivise reliable supply. This framework is supported by home grown resource, with oil and gas from the North Sea...

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