Ukrainian Government: Mykola Azarov: In the short run we will mine shale gas

The Government is actively working on replacing very expensive Russian gas to alternatives sources.  Though all over the volume of gas received from Russia, to find alternative is very hard, but part of it we can replace by cheaper energy resources. The Prime Minister of Ukraine Mykola Azarov said this on air of the program "Exam for Power" on the First National TV Channel.

According to him Ukraine can buy cheaper gas in other countries: "There is gas and there is gaswhich costs much cheaper than we are now forced to buy in Russia".

Mykola Azarov informed that now the country is engaged in technical support delivery of gas from other countries. In his view, the advantage of Ukraine is the existence of its own underground storage facilities. "So we can offer our partners, with which we will potentially negotiate, very interesting scheme of purchase of gas.  MORE

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