Thursday, August 21, 2014

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Reconciling “Crazy Russians” vs. “Crazy Europeans”

Sometimes one just has to call things as they see them. But that's not all that Professor Alan Riley, Director of the LLM Programme, City Law School, did. In his speech at South Stream: the Evolution of a Pipeline, Professor Riley said he'd try to take a broader view, looking at the problems both Russia...

Israel’s Peripheral Diplomacy Concept and Energy Security in the South Caucasus

Israel’s peripheral diplomacy (or periphery alliances) concept takes roots from the late 1950’s geopolitical context in the Middle East. The country, isolated then after 1956 Sinai campaign, sought relationships with regional non-Arab states and national minorities, with no formal treaties...

Changing Tides for East Med Natural Gas

Ongoing political, diplomatic and corporate developments with regards to Eastern Mediterranean natural gas reserves are taking yet another turn with obvious signs of a shift in Israel’s policy towards Turkey, amidst intense geo-economic antagonisms by various regional and global players. Recently...

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