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Trans-Afghan Energy Corridor as a Peace-Building Mechanism

Although no major war has been exclusively related to the control of oil and gas, disputes over energy and transportation routes have consistently played a significant role in many regional conflicts. The control of natural resources is also a very frequent component of domestic conflicts, especially...

US, Russia Compete for TAPI Role but China Enjoys Advantage in Turkmenistan

Is Turkmenistan waiting to see if the West can get away with standing up to Russia on development of the Shah Deniz II field and the Trans-Adriatic Pipeline? Amb. Matthew Bryza, former US ambassador to Azerbaijan and currently director of the International Centre for Defense Studies in Tallinn recently advanced...

Lack of Transparency, Reported Spills Plague Turkmenistan as TAPI Still Awaits a Major

Progress on the Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India (TAPI) has been waiting for an oil major to agree to invest in the $7.6 billion 1,800-kilometer project, but with Ashgabat reluctant to sign production-sharing-agreements to enable investors to share in upstream profits, no company appears to be...

TCP Shelved, TAPI Stalled; Shake-up in Turkmenistan's Oil and Gas Ministries

Last September, Turkmenistan made an upbeat announcement that it was working on the creation of a consortium for the Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India (TAPI) pipeline and would even attract new membership in the group as well as chose a leader. Since then, the momentum...

Turkmenistan Must Provide “Incentives” for Companies on TAPI: US Official

Since the flare-up of the long-standing Caspian Sea border dispute between Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan, neither side has budged to resolve the matter in order to move forward on joint projects, notably the Trans-Caspian Pipeline. In June, Turkmenistan's Foreign Ministry protested what it deemed "illegal...

Building a Case for the Trans-Afghan Gas Corridor

Timely response to their ever growing energy needs is key to India’s and Pakistan’s economic and social stability. Until present India, and to a lesser extent Pakistan have been relatively successful in coping with their energy needs. However, if additional energy supplies in particular for...

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