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Bulgarian Parliament Considers Changes to the Energy Act Due to South Stream’s Statute

New articles in the Energy Act work towards South Stream's exemption from 3rd party access rules of the EU Bulgaria’s parliament passed with ten votes in support against nine abstained a number of draft changes to the Energy Act, proposed by Socialist Party MPs Yavor Kumiumdzhiev and Tasko Ermenkov...

South Stream: Where is the Starting Point?

As part of last year's Gas Dialogues series South Stream: the Evolution of a Pipeline, a series of events intended to put the spotlight on the South Stream pipeline and what it would mean for Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary, Slovenia and Italy, research and strategy consultancy WorldThinks was brought in to...

South Stream: Is Gazprom Willing to Invest Billions in a Project that Could Serve its Competitors?

The South Stream natural gas pipeline project is in the limelight in Brussels. Gazprom's ability to supply the energy corridor exclusively with its own gas and not allowing its competitors to use it is being questioned. Based on the Third Energy Package, a legislation debate and dialogue between...

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