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Russia and Europe: “Can't Live With 'Em, Can't Live Without 'Em”

Europe's natural gas relations with Russia are kind of like an old marriage that's hit a rough patch, but in reality the two sides can't live without each other: Europe needs the gas supplies and Russia needs the income from selling them. But that doesn't mean that Brussels has not been publicly speaking...

Construction of South Stream in Serbia Most Likely to Start in July

Although there is no agreement between the European Union and Russia over the South Stream natural gas pipeline, Russian Gazprom has announced that the construction of the pipeline’s section in Serbia could start in July. European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso said in Brussels...

South Stream and TAP: Working to Double Standards?

The Trans-Adriatic Pipeline (TAP), an 870 km-long pipeline designed to carry Azeri gas to Europe, has received the red carpet treatment from the European Union. It has obtained exemptions from the rules governing gas transmission networks in the EU, been ushered through the regulatory steps involved...

South Stream in Bulgaria: Closing the Gap

Clearly, lawmakers in Bulgaria would like the South Stream pipeline to be built, as evidenced by their recent amendment to the country's Energy Act, which, if it passes a second reading, would reclassify the offshore marine section of the pipeline in the Black Sea as an interconnector, a move that some...

Amendments to the Bulgarian Energy Act Pushed by Gazprom, Evidence Suggests

The Reformist Block unveiled evidence from official papers signed between the Bulgarian Energy Holding and Gazprom which suggests that amendments exempting the marine part of South Stream from the Third energy package were forged outside Bulgaria The Reformist Block, a democratic formation gathering...

Black Sea Natural Gas Sector in the Spotlight

A series of developments are gathering pace in the southwest Black Sea, not far from the dramatic political events in Ukraine and Crimea. A convergence of gas-related interests between Bulgaria, Turkey and Russia seems to be emerging as well as the likelihood of a new natural gas corridor and hub en...

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