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Serbia and South Stream – Walking the Tightrope

Although it is in Serbia’s interest that the South Stream gas pipeline is built, the government in Belgrade faces the fine balance between the interest of providing energy security and the need to harmonize with the policy of the EU, which it is looking to join. When Russian President Vladimir...

Hungary's Energy Security: LNG and Russia Key Sources

At the Gas Dialogues event in Budapest, Hungary, Development and Use of Natural Gas in the Danube Region: Prospects and Opportunities, Mr. Csaba Kiss, Advisor to the CEO, MVM Hungarian Electricity Ltd., said that to ensure a supply of natural gas for Hungary, LNG and Russia were clearly the only options.

Serbia’s Vucic to Speak about South Stream with Putin on Thursday

Construction works of the South Stream project in Serbia remain a big question mark despite local authorities recently said that building activities would "make no sense." After some teetering, Belgrade did indeed send clear messages to the Kremlin on Wednesday, restating its interest to increase...

Major Developments in Progress for Russia's Gas Sector

Sanctions against the Russian Federation, more specifically in its energy section, seem to have been gradually nullified due to a counteraction by Moscow, which as of late made significant progress on several long-standing issues that have long-term effects on the global natural gas sector. Firstly...

Opposition to South Stream: “All Political”

At the Gas Dialogues event Development and Use of Natural Gas in the Danube Region: Prospects and Opportunities, which took place in Budapest, Hungary, former member of the Bulgarian parliament and chairman of the Energy Committee, Mr. Yavor Kuiumdijev, Bulgarian Socialist Party, spoke about what he...

Czech Republic: Preparations for a Gas Crisis

The Czech gas system was preparing for a crisis situation, he said, for restriction or interruption of supply to customers according to consumption levels, according to Jan Zaplatilek, Director, Gas and Liquid Fuels Department, Czech Republic Ministry of Industry and Trade, who provided perspective from...

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