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Turcas Petrol Chair Aksoy: Turkey Needs to be Regional Power-Broker

Turkey is constantly trying to expand energy resources as well as diversification from new sources. Within this context, Turkey plans to be a major player in the region as it describes itself 'energy hub' for the region. Natural Gas Europe had the pleasure of an interview with Turcas Petrol Chairman...

CEE Natural Gas: It's a Family Affair

It's a family that goes way back when it comes to natural gas in Central & Eastern Europe (CEE), but there's a little spat in the gas family as of late, drawing attention to how the countries in the region ensure their security of supply.Assessing the natural gas landscape in CEE, David Viduna, head...

Waiting for the Great Gas Cutoff

European countries from Germany and Poland to Italy and Turkey now need to ensure they have emergency plans in place to deal with a possible cut-off of Russian gas supplies. At risk are the roughly one-fifth of their supplies delivered via pipelines through Ukraine, and even greater volumes if other...

Euro-Russian Relations: Proposing Ways to De Politicize Gas

At the beginning of his speech at South Stream: The Evolution of Pipeline in Ljubljana, Slovenia, Danila Bochkarev, Senior Fellow, East West Institute, described the different attitudes concerning energy between consumers and suppliers of energy. “Basically, right now the relations between Europe...

Environmental Impacts of Constructing the Nord Stream Pipelines Minor and Local

Cumulative results of the environmental monitoring from 2009-2012 confirm minor impacts Actual impacts are generally in line with the assessments made in the planning phase The cumulative results of Nord Stream AG’s environmental monitoring in Finnish waters during 2009-2012 confirm that the...

Gazprom, BASF to Sign Asset Swap Agreement Before New Year

Chairman of the Gazprom Management Committee Alexey Miller met Kurt Bock, Chairman of the Board of Executive Directors of BASF on Tuesday, noting that a cooperation agreement between Gazprom and Wintershall would be signed in 2013. Wintershall, the largest crude oil and natural gas producer in Germany...

Nord Stream Route Four Times More Expensive than Route Via Ukraine

In 2012, Nord Stream shipped 11.8 bcm of gas from Vyborg, Russia, to Greifswald, Germany. According to Gazprom, this volume was diverted from the "old" export route via Ukraine and Slovakia. From Greifswald, Russian gas was transported by the OPAL pipeline to Brandov at the Czech border and then by...

Gazprom and GDF SUEZ to Study the Possibility of Expanding the Nord Stream

In the framework of the SPIEF-2013, Deputy Chairman of Gazprom Alexander Medvedev and Deputy Chairman of the Board, Vice-President of the GDF SUEZ Jean-Francois Cirelli, have signed a document on the cooperation in studying the possibility of expanding the Nord Stream gas pipeline, the Russian company informs.

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