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European Union Sets Forward its Natural Gas Priorities

The Working Group of the Directorate General for the EU Commission has recently chosen several gas projects as 'crucial' for the overall energy security in Europe. This decision will play its role regarding the Southern Corridor developments, and the emerging architecture of natural gas infrastructure...

The Selection Criteria of Shah Deniz

On the eve of the Shah Deniz Consortium’s announcement about the gas pipeline project selected to transport Azeri gas to Europe, regional political leaders and energy representatives gathered in Istanbul, on November 15th and 16th, for the Atlantic Council Energy and Economic Summit. As expected...

Greece's DEPA Privatization and the Southern Corridor

The developments in the Southern Corridor since the beginning of 2012 have been significant and have revealed the main two consortium contesters for the transfer of gas from the second phase of Azerbaijan's Shah Deniz gas field,  namely TAP and Nabucco West. Another development with a significant...

DEPA and the Southern Corridor Blues

The gathering of business officials, governmental representatives and energy specialists at the 3rd Mediterranean Oil & Gas Conference re-inforced two major themes in the European energy market: the Southern Corridor project and the diversification process of decreasing the role of Gazprom...

Gazprom Seeks to Strengthen its Role in Turkey and Greece

Gazprom is seeking to take advantage of Turkey’s precarious energy situation and Greece’s financial woes to strengthen its influence in southeastern Europe. Although fears will undoubtedly surface over Moscow’s role in the region, for both Ankara and Athens the financial power of the...

ITGI Plans to Link with Cyprus and Israel

The Interconnector Turkey-Greece-Italy (ITGI) pipeline project, which recently effectively lost the Southern Corridor pipeline race to the rival Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) project, is unveiling a new strategy, with plans to link itself with the prospective natural gas reserves offshore Cyprus and Israel.

TAP Not Decided for Shah Deniz

MD of the Trans-Adriatic Pipeline Kjetil Tungland has said that TAP is still at risk of losing out in the decision for which pipeline will transport gas from the Shah Deniz field, despite rival ITGI being out of the running. "There is still risk, of course, that Shah Deniz might choose SEEP or Nabucco,"...

DEPA Chief: ITGI Still Important to Southern Corridor

The Chairman and Chief Executive of Greek national DEPA Harry Sachinis has said that ITGI remains important to the Southern Gas Corridor, despite an announcement last week that rival TAP had been chosen as the potential Italian route for Shah Deniz II gas. In an interview with EurActiv, Mr. Sachinis...

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