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AGRI Wonderful But Not Without Turkmenistan

At the recent Black Sea Offshore conference in Bucharest, Sergey Korsunsky, Ukrainian Ambassador to Turkey, stated: “When I heard for the first time about the AGRI (Azerbaijan-Georgia-Romania Inter-connector) project I thought it was wonderful. I still think that this project is very...

AGRI LNG: Potential for Project High if European Demand Remains Firm

The Interconnector Azerbaijan-Georgia-Romania-Hungary (AGRI) pipeline project is still possible, and could provide a stimulus for “east Caspian countries” to produce more gas, according to energy specialist Liana Jervalidze. AGRI, a proposed source of liquid national gas (LNG) to Europe...

AGRI Project Moves Ahead

The Azerbaijan-Georgia-Romania-Interconnector project has always been one of the lower-key projects of the Southern Corridor from the Caspian to Europe. Unlike the regional pipelines, AGRI has not been breathlessly described as part of a ‘new Great Game’ or a tool in the contest between Russia...

AGRI Study Due in September

A feasibility study currently underway on the Azerbaijan-Georgia-Romania Interconnector (AGRI) will be ready by September, Georgian Minister for Energy Alexander Khetaguri has said today. Speaking to reporters in Azerbaijan, the minister said the project put Georgia at the forefront of energy in...

AGRI Invites Bids for Feasibility Study

The AGRI LNG Project Company has asked for proposals to conduct a feasibility study on technical and financial viability of the Azerbaijan- Georgia-Romania Interconnector project to ship liquefied natural gas to Europe. AGRI seeks to transport Azeri gas from Azerbaijan to Romania, culminating in a supply...

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