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EU-Russia Gas Relations and the Ukrainian Crisis: Why Pipeline Politics Should Not Be Overemphasized

EU-Russia gas relations have been predominately analyzed within the broader geopolitical framework with a particular focus on pipeline politics and the physical dimension of energy security that has included inter alia debates about EU diversification strategies and Russia’s ‘energy weapon’.

Hungary's Energy Security: LNG and Russia Key Sources

At the Gas Dialogues event in Budapest, Hungary, Development and Use of Natural Gas in the Danube Region: Prospects and Opportunities, Mr. Csaba Kiss, Advisor to the CEO, MVM Hungarian Electricity Ltd., said that to ensure a supply of natural gas for Hungary, LNG and Russia were clearly the only options.

Serbia’s Vucic to Speak about South Stream with Putin on Thursday

Construction works of the South Stream project in Serbia remain a big question mark despite local authorities recently said that building activities would "make no sense." After some teetering, Belgrade did indeed send clear messages to the Kremlin on Wednesday, restating its interest to increase...

Four Lessons the EU Should Learn about Energy Security

Diversification of gas supply has been a strategic priority for the European Union since its dependence on imports began to grow in the early 2000s. The crisis in Ukraine has heightened concerns that the flow of Russian gas passing through this country may be interrupted and has reignited calls for dependency...

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