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Opposition to South Stream: “All Political”

At the Gas Dialogues event Development and Use of Natural Gas in the Danube Region: Prospects and Opportunities, which took place in Budapest, Hungary, former member of the Bulgarian parliament and chairman of the Energy Committee, Mr. Yavor Kuiumdijev, Bulgarian Socialist Party, spoke about what he...

Interview with Michael Hoffmann: TAP's Role in European Energy Security

The EU’s long term goal regarding energy security is to become independent from one single gas supplier, increasing competition by having diverse energy suppliers. For these reasons, the EU promotes the Southern Gas Corridor, a strategically important gas value-chain passing through Azerbaijan...

Empty Pipeline Shows Difficulty Of Breaking Moldova's Gazprom Addiction

Moldova faces a tough road in its bid to reduce dependence on Russian natural gas. That's about the only thing that is clear so far in the strange story of the Iasi-Ungheni gas pipeline from Romania to the western border region of Moldova. The gas interconnector -- which cost 28 million euros, including...

The Launch of the Modified Southern Gas Corridor

The construction of the second branch of the Baku–Tbilisi–Erzurum gas pipeline began on 20 September in Baku. Azerbaijan announced that this is the official inauguration of the construction of the Southern Gas Corridor. The presidents of Azerbaijan and Bulgaria, the prime ministers of Georgia...

Bulgaria, Greece and SOCAR Team Up

The governments of Greece and Bulgaria seem to be forging stronger ties with Azerbaijan and its national gas champion, SOCAR, through mid and long term capabilities for its expansion in Southeast Europe. More specifically, the finalization of the privatization of Greece's national transmission...

Caspian Sea Littoral States’ Perspectives on the Southern Gas Corridor, EU Cooperation and Chinese Dominance

The Caspian Basin was, and still is, one of the most important reservoirs of oil and gas in the world - the  second largest in the world after the Persian Gulf. It is close to a number of important consumer countries  in Eurasia, but on the other hand it lacks open-sea access to world markets.

Greece Grants TAP 50-year Licence for Independent Natural Gas System

Trans Adriatic Pipeline AG (TAP) has been awarded a 50-year licence for an Independent Natural Gas System (INGS) in Greece, reads a statement of the project to transport gas from Shah Deniz II field in Azerbaijan to Europe.  ‘The INGS license gives TAP the necessary approval for activities...

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