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Politics Trump Economics in the Complex Game of Eastern Mediterranean Hydrocarbons

A 2010 publication of the U.S. Geological Survey caused major excitement in Cyprus, an island that at the time was suffering from the economic collapse of its neighbor and major trading partner, Greece. According to the publication, the seabed of the Eastern Mediterranean could contain up to 120 trillion...

Southern Corridor Gas: From Strategic to Commercial

In a session dedicated to Challenges and Prospects for the Southern Corridor, one of the speakers at the 2nd Annual Frankfurt Gas Forum asked, “How does a mouse dance with the elephants?” That's how John Baldwin, Vice President Southern Corridor, BP, UK, characterized BP's position among...

Israel’s Peripheral Diplomacy Concept and Energy Security in the South Caucasus

Israel’s peripheral diplomacy (or periphery alliances) concept takes roots from the late 1950’s geopolitical context in the Middle East. The country, isolated then after 1956 Sinai campaign, sought relationships with regional non-Arab states and national minorities, with no formal treaties...

Eastern Mediterranean Gas: Economics First, Then Politics

The keynote opening speech of the 2nd Annual Frankfurt Gas Forum in Germany was made by Matthew Bryza, former US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State. Mr. Bryza gave a wide-ranging tour of Europe's energy security scene and offered his perspectives on energy projects involved in the Southern...

Changing Tides for East Med Natural Gas

Ongoing political, diplomatic and corporate developments with regards to Eastern Mediterranean natural gas reserves are taking yet another turn with obvious signs of a shift in Israel’s policy towards Turkey, amidst intense geo-economic antagonisms by various regional and global players. Recently...

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