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Israel’s Peripheral Diplomacy Concept and Energy Security in the South Caucasus

Israel’s peripheral diplomacy (or periphery alliances) concept takes roots from the late 1950’s geopolitical context in the Middle East. The country, isolated then after 1956 Sinai campaign, sought relationships with regional non-Arab states and national minorities, with no formal treaties...

Natural Gas Strengthens Ties in the Caucasus and Central Asia

Over the last few weeks, Turkish and Caspian authorities have several times celebrated the successful implementation of their oil and gas pipelines, alongside announcing their willingness to cooperate in building the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars (BTK) Railway, though they are still need the consent of two excluded...

AGRI LNG: Potential for Project High if European Demand Remains Firm

The Interconnector Azerbaijan-Georgia-Romania-Hungary (AGRI) pipeline project is still possible, and could provide a stimulus for “east Caspian countries” to produce more gas, according to energy specialist Liana Jervalidze. AGRI, a proposed source of liquid national gas (LNG) to Europe...

BP in Georgia: Interview with Neil Dunn

The decision on which pipeline will bring Caspian gas to Europe will be decided in a few months. But the impact for Georgia has already started, according to Neil Dunn, the general manager and vice president of BP Georgia. The choice between Trans-Adriatic Pipeline project (TAP)...

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