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Total Appoints Banks to Sell TotalGaz

France’s Total is reported to be interested in selling TotalGaz, the company specialized in LPG, gas tanks, gas bottles, gas network and autogas. According to the French newspaper Les Echos, Total has given a mandate to two banks to conduct the operations, which should start in April. The Paris-based...

Fracking: Big Business Wants U-Turn

Will French energy and oil interests succeed in their current push to overturn the country’s outright ban on fracking, a move which would likely ignite instant uproar in the fiercely-opposed countryside? On July 14 last year President François Hollande made a formal commitment opposing...

Natural Gas in Europe - Week 7 Overview

If we had to choose a song for the seventh week of the year, it would clearly be La Marseillaise. For once, the national anthem of France rang out louder that Gosudarstvenny Gimn, the hymn composed by Alexander Alexandrov. While the Sochi Olympics are proceeding with few complications, French President...

King and Spalding Oil and Gas Update
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