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Eastern Europe Seeks US LNG Amidst Ukraine Crisis

As the Ukraine crisis has spurred Eastern European countries to seek ways of shaking off reliance on Russian Gazprom, once the Eastern-bloc states are increasingly turning to the US and its liquefied natural gas resources. As a number of Eastern European countries, including Lithuania, Estonia, Hungary...

Towards a Single, Competitive Gas Market

Is a single, competitive European gas market achievable? The answer could only be “yes,” even if the target was far off in the distance, according to Klaus-Dieter Borchardt, Director B, DG Energy – European Commission, who enumerated the numerous challenges that prospect was up against...

Estonia, Finland Set to Announce Much-Argued LNG Terminal Construction Site

Amid the spat over location of a new liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal Estonia’s Economy Minister Juhan Parts has proposed to Finland that the two countries, disagreeing which of them should take on building a LNG terminal, would strike a compromise by building one each. The minister...

Balticconnector: Baltic Seabed Exploration Works Start Amid Disputes

Baltic Seabed studies in Estonian territorial waters have begun for the Balticconnector, an 80-kilometer undersea gas pipeline between Estonia and Finland planned by Finnish gas company Gasum and Estonian gas distribution grid EG Vorguteenus. The works precede the environmental impact...

Baltic Energy Interconnectors vs. Russian Clout

With over 20 years of experience in international relations and over half of the time devoted to energy issues, Lithuania's Romas Švedas is one of the most renowned Baltic energy experts. His expertise in the field of international economic relations spans negotiator’s skills in the signing...

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