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East Med Gas: Immediate and Distance Solutions

The Eastern Mediterranean became central in natural gas dialogues since the discovery of substantial amounts of natural gas under its seabed. The increased attention it received could be explained by the simple fact that the Eastern Mediterranean was considered energy poor until Israel’s discovery...

Increased Activity in the East Med Gas Sector

The East Mediterranean natural gas sector has been a riddle with continuous changes in plans by all players both state and corporate for quite some time. A set of new initiatives has shed more light into the activities, particularly those involving a potential new axis that will encompass Bulgaria, Greece...

ENI/KOGAS to Commence Exploration Activities in Cyprus' EEZ

The ENI/Kogas consortium will commence exploration activities offshore Cyprus in the weeks to come. The consortium holds drilling licenses for Blocks 2, 3 and 9 of the island’s Exclusive Economic Zone. The activities will last between 12 to 18 months depending on the findings, according to a statement...

Exclusive: Minister Lakkotrypis Reveals Names of New Cypriot Fields

Cyprus is impatiently awaiting the commencement of further exploratory drilling in its Exclusive Economic Zone. Successful encounters would allow the construction of an onshore LNG terminal in Cyprus’ coastal Vassilikos area and will bring the island closer to its energy hub ambition. Cyprus’...

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