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Nabucco Seeks to Rise Again

The Nabucco West pipeline would appear to be dead. Rejected in favour of the Trans-Adriatic Pipeline by the Shah Deniz consortium back in June, with the consortium’s website down and with consortium shareholders reading the last rites, the once-mighty project is surely buried forever.  But...

Varna Residents Express Concern About South Stream Pipeline

Residents of Bulgarian coastal city of Varna plan to organize against the decision of the Bulgarian Ministry of Environment and Water to approve the environmental impact assessment report for the construction of the land section of the South Stream gas pipeline. The offshore portion of the planned pipeline...

A Gas Hub in Eastern Europe?

No gas trading hubs, such as NBP or TTF, exist in the southern and eastern parts of Europe. The area has not been able yet to grasp the concept of a liquid market where long-term contracted gas is complemented by short-term and spot deals—and the traditionally domineering role of Gazprom is partially...

South Stream Project Gains Two Steps Ahead

The South Stream pipeline project has gained considerable pace with regards to its completion as notable developments in the two main countries from where it is scheduled to pass through. In Bulgaria, which is the anchor point for the pipeline's route towards the EU markets, the Senior Environmental...

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