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South Stream: A Bridge Between East and West

On 2 July in Vienna, Austria, Mr. Zeljko Sertic, President of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, announced that his organization, along with the Chambers of Commerce in Bulgaria and Hungary, had signed a cooperative agreement whose name had been changed to the Danube Energy Initiative (DEI), an agreement...

Bulgarian Government Approves South Stream Loan from Gazprom in Its Last Days

The state-owned Bulgarian Energy Holding (BEH) will approve the EUR 620 m loan it was offered by Russia’s Gazprom for the construction of South Stream in Bulgaria during a meeting currently held after 17.00 h EET, Capital Daily reported. The news comes as the government of Plamen Oresharski is...

Bulgaria Prepares Government Backed Funding for South Stream

Despite proclaiming that is has suspended all work on the South Stream pipeline, the Bulgarian government have been moving ahead to ensure that funding is in place to start construction on the portion on the pipeline which will cross through its territory after emerging from the Black Sea at Varna. Earlier...

Bulgaria Strives for the Establishment of a New Gas Corridor

Bulgaria's energy policy has been mostly commented on with regards to its Black Sea endeavours, namely the South Steam pipeline project and its own research and exploration investments. As of late, the East Med option is gaining ground in the country, albeit as a supplementary energy corridor that could...

Political Crisis in Bulgaria Linked to South Stream

On 10 June the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP), which is in the government coalition, granted its consent for a snap election to be held. The crisis inside the coalition coincided with the climax in the dispute between Bulgaria and the European Commission concerning the compliance of the Bulgarian section...

The “South Stream” Train Stops in the Balkans

The European Commission infringement proceedings against Bulgaria, in breach of EU law over the choice of constructor of the South Stream gas pipeline, shows the determination of the EU institutions in the implementation of anti-trust policy and the liberalisation of the energy market. However, even...

Bulgaria Halts Construction of South Stream Pipeline

Facing increasing criticism from European Union, Prime Minister Plamen Oresharski has ordered to a halt to the construction of the Bulgarian section of South Stream Gas Pipeline. "I have ordered all work to be stopped. We will decide on further developments following consultations with Brussels," Mr.

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