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Ukraine Aims for 21 BCM of Gas by 2015

Ukraine will aim to produce 21 billion cubic metres of gas a year between 2013 and 2015, Ukrainian Prime Minister Mykola Azarov has said.  At a meeting of government yesterday, Minister Azarov revealed the ambitious production estimates for gas, with gas condensate and oil to also increase to 3...

Ukraine: QED Connect to Acquire AFON 2010

Holding company QED Connect will gain access to oil and gas licences in southern Ukraine through its acquisition of Ukraine-focused AFON 2010. The acquisition will be QED's first foray into the oil and gas industry, the first of four acquisitions it has planned at the moment. "As previously announced...

Ukraine: Shale Gas as an Alternative

The dispute on whether shale gas can be an alternative in the world energy are taking place for several years in the world. The West has predicted that Russia would soon lose importance in the gas market due to export of American shale gas to Europe. Kiev decided to start its production too. Recently...

AGRI Project Moves Ahead

The Azerbaijan-Georgia-Romania-Interconnector project has always been one of the lower-key projects of the Southern Corridor from the Caspian to Europe. Unlike the regional pipelines, AGRI has not been breathlessly described as part of a ‘new Great Game’ or a tool in the contest between Russia...

Ukraine Sees No Gas Crisis This Winter

The First Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Valeriy Khoroshkovskyi has said that there will be no gas crisis in Ukraine this winter. Speaking in response to a question by New Europe at a press conference in Kiev, Minister Khoroshkovskyi said that he did not foresee any issues with supply in the...

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