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Turcas Petrol Chair Aksoy: Turkey Needs to be Regional Power-Broker

Turkey is constantly trying to expand energy resources as well as diversification from new sources. Within this context, Turkey plans to be a major player in the region as it describes itself 'energy hub' for the region. Natural Gas Europe had the pleasure of an interview with Turcas Petrol Chairman...

Ukraine Passes Bill on Sanctions

Ukraine passed a bill on sanctions, with PM Arseniy Yatsenyuk welcoming the decision saying that it “provides the right for the Ukrainian state to protect its national interests.”  “In case of a threat to the national security of the Ukrainian state, the Ukrainian President through...

Week 32 Overview

If UK next-day gas prices volatility climbed to the highest level since June 2013, there is a reason. The 32nd week of the year has further proved that the standoff over Ukraine is not a regional issue. It is not a simple conflict between countries or blocks.   The frictions between Russia...

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