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Facilitating Energy Flows: “No place for Ideology”

In the wake of Austrian OMV's deal to build a branch of the South Stream pipeline to Austria, Ulrich Streibl, Senior Vice President Corporate Strategy, OMV, said there was no place for ideology in a decision like the one made by his company to participate in the pipeline which would deliver Russian gas...

The Western Balkans and EU Energy Security: Protecting Europe’s Flank

 1.0. Introduction: The Failure of EU Integration and the Threat to Supply Security in the Western Balkans. With the annexation of Crimea by the Russian Federation, the realization that Russia is becoming a revanchist and destabilizing power gave the EU no alternative but to prioritize...

Week 27 Overview

Agreements towered in the 27th week, with US-based ExxonMobil announcing a significant investment in Belgium and a flurry of deals showing that European assets are a good investment for American and European companies, while Chinese and Australian firms are far more prone to mull business opportunities...

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