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Aleksei Grivach - Deputy Director National Energy Security Fund of Russia

"It is very possible that transit of Russian gas through Ukraine may be interrupted"   Natural Gas Europe had the pleasure to conduct a "gas talk" with Aleksei Grivach, Deputy Director National Energy Security Fund of Russia. Topics touched upon revolve upon the current state of affairs between...

Week 32 Overview

If UK next-day gas prices volatility climbed to the highest level since June 2013, there is a reason. The 32nd week of the year has further proved that the standoff over Ukraine is not a regional issue. It is not a simple conflict between countries or blocks.   The frictions between Russia...

Will the ‘Power of Siberia’ Take Off?

In May 2014 Russia signed a major 30 year, 38bcm per annum gas deal with China deliverable from 2018. Whilst there have been questions as to price of the gas (estimated at $300 per thousand cubic metres) the two real questions are firstly can Russia really deliver on the deal and secondly, what impact...

South Stream: A Bridge Between East and West

On 2 July in Vienna, Austria, Mr. Zeljko Sertic, President of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, announced that his organization, along with the Chambers of Commerce in Bulgaria and Hungary, had signed a cooperative agreement whose name had been changed to the Danube Energy Initiative (DEI), an agreement...

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