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Four Questions on Shale Gas Development in Europe and the U.S.

Can the U.S. shale gas boom happen in Europe? The short answer to that question, is no. A combination of factors have contributed to the U.S. shale gas and oil boom, namely favorable geological conditions, (access to) infrastructure, substantial public support (amongst others spurred by attractive mineral...

Poland Moves Closer to Shale Gas

Poland’s Minister of the Environment Maciej Grabowski said that a draft law on shale gas would be ready by the end of the year. "We would like the law facilitating investment in shale to be passed as soon as possible to reduce the potential risk for investors," Grabowski told newspaper Dziennik...

Update on EU-Prioritized Lithuania-Poland Gas Interconnector

The Lithuanian-Polish gas interconnector, an EU priority project, will link the Baltic natural gas transmission grid with the rest of Europe.  Recent updates show there could be some changes to the project’s costs, terms and even the length of the pipeline. New estimations show the project...

Energy Security in Central and Eastern Europe: Towards a Common Approach

Energy security is of high importance to the EU, Russia and European transit states like Slovakia or Ukraine. Central and Eastern Europe has several options to diversify imports away from Gazprom: diversification of suppliers, increase in LNG imports, shift to a more short-term contracting (all undermining...

PKN Orlen Invests in Shale Program

Poland’s Orlen Upstream International formalized the acquisition of a 100% interest in Canada’s TriOil, acquiring new know-how in the unconventional hydrocarbon business. The transaction's value amounts to approximately €130 m, reads a note released on Thursday. The total value of the...

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