Wednesday, April 16, 2014

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Waiting for the Great Gas Cutoff

European countries from Germany and Poland to Italy and Turkey now need to ensure they have emergency plans in place to deal with a possible cut-off of Russian gas supplies. At risk are the roughly one-fifth of their supplies delivered via pipelines through Ukraine, and even greater volumes if other...

Total Joins Poland’s Shale Exodus

Total SA has announced that it had not renewed its only shale gas exploration licence in Poland, which expired on April 1st. The company commented that it had concluded the area it was exploring in east of the country near the Ukraine border was not economically viable, despite the presence of gas, Poland’s...

Active Participation, Knowledge of Legal Procedures: Tools for Sustainable Development of Shale Investments in Poland

Providing local communities with active participation in legal procedures and with knowledge concerning such procedures as a tool for sustainable development of shale gas investments in Poland. The implemented 'Together About Shale Gas' information campaign brought a number of opinions from...

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