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Lithuania Plans to Win Back Chevron with Amended Shale Gas Legislation

Ahead of the US visit next month, Lithuanian Prime Minister Algirdas Butkevicius has informed that he is going to meet with Chevron representatives overseas and introduce them to the country’s amended 'investor-friendly' shale gas regulations aiming to attract potential investors and, possibly...

Caspian Sea Littoral States’ Perspectives on the Southern Gas Corridor, EU Cooperation and Chinese Dominance

The Caspian Basin was, and still is, one of the most important reservoirs of oil and gas in the world - the  second largest in the world after the Persian Gulf. It is close to a number of important consumer countries  in Eurasia, but on the other hand it lacks open-sea access to world markets.

Greece Grants TAP 50-year Licence for Independent Natural Gas System

Trans Adriatic Pipeline AG (TAP) has been awarded a 50-year licence for an Independent Natural Gas System (INGS) in Greece, reads a statement of the project to transport gas from Shah Deniz II field in Azerbaijan to Europe.  ‘The INGS license gives TAP the necessary approval for activities...

Klaipeda’s LNG Terminal: A Game Changer

The Klaipeda LNG terminal will enable Lithuania and its neighbours to access alternatives to Russian gas and will serve as the flagship for Baltic efforts to successfully address their persistent energy vulnerability, writes Agnia Grigas. The end of summer will elicit concerns among many EU states regarding...

Serbia on the Forefront for South Stream

While Serbia appears one hundred percent committed to pursuing the South Stream project, the EU continues to produce new ideas on how to block the proposed gas route. This is in the midst of a confused political situation regarding the pipeline's entry point in Bulgaria, a country about to enter a polarized...

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