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2030 Energy Security | Brussels | Dec 10th
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Moving East Or Moving West: What Happens Next In The Gas World?

Chatham House is presenting 'Rebalancing the World Energy Markets: The role of China, Russia and Central Asia.  The two-day conference will examine China, Russia and Central Asia’s demand drivers,  assess the impact of unconventional energy sources, and discuss the feasibility of developing...

Uzbekistan Seeks to Develop Shale Oil Reserves

Uzbekistan announced plans for the construction of two oil shale processing plants, which would be positioned in the central Navoi region and on the Sangruntau deposit , extracting both synthetic shale gas and crude oil  Oil shale is a sedimentary rock, rich in kerogen, from which liquid hydrocarbons...

In the Pursuit of Uzbek Gas

Energy resources will undoubtedly be a primary topic of discussion as Uzbek President Islam Karimov meets with European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso during an upcoming trip to Belgium.Despite Europe's high interest in cooperation with Uzbekistan in the gas sector,  Michael Laubsch head of...

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