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Prospects for Energy Independence in Romania: Shale Gas and beyond

Romania, historically one of the world’s main energy producers, became a net importer of oil and gas in the 1970s when production started to declined. However, Romania is still luckier than other Central and Eastern European countries in terms of energy dependence. With regards to natural gas supplies...

Gas-fired Generation: Empathy & Ideas from OMV

Hans-Peter Floren, Member of the Executive Board, OMV, can feel the pain of its customers operating gas-fired power plants, as he told Natural Gas Europe in an exclusive interview at the European Gas Conference in Vienna, Austria.He says it is a headache that the market for gas-to-power in Western and...

Communes in Romania's Vaslui County Win Court Battle Against Shale Exploitation

The citizens of Vaslui County had their first court win in the battle against shale gas exploitation via hydraulic fracturing. At the end of last week, the Vaslui Court House issued the motivation of a decision made in December that ruled in favor of the local council of the commune Al. Vlahuta in their...

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