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Energy Sector Governance in Romania: Good Omens from the Private Sector

Energy security has been on everybody’s lips since the beginning of the Ukraine crisis, since it has revived an examination of Europe’s import dependence. This has brought into the discussion sensitive topics and procrastinated decisions (over shale gas for example), which could help certain...

Facilitating Energy Flows: “No place for Ideology”

In the wake of Austrian OMV's deal to build a branch of the South Stream pipeline to Austria, Ulrich Streibl, Senior Vice President Corporate Strategy, OMV, said there was no place for ideology in a decision like the one made by his company to participate in the pipeline which would deliver Russian gas...

Energy Security in Central and Eastern Europe

The countries of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) have an opportunity to transform Europe’s current energy order. As seen through the American experience, the development of untapped energy resources from shale gas in Lithuania, Poland, Romania and Ukraine is possible through hydraulic fracturing...

Shale's Benefits for Europe: Speaking in the Conditional

Shale gas could have real benefits for Europe, according to Connie Jump, Senior Technical Director, Chevron Onshore Europe, who spoke at Unconventional Gas Aberdeen 2014.  But she said the keyword was "could," as the industry was only now entering the exploration phase in Europe. Among those benefits...

Prospects for Energy Independence in Romania: Shale Gas and beyond

Romania, historically one of the world’s main energy producers, became a net importer of oil and gas in the 1970s when production started to declined. However, Romania is still luckier than other Central and Eastern European countries in terms of energy dependence. With regards to natural gas supplies...

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