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The Western Balkans and EU Energy Security: Protecting Europe’s Flank

 1.0. Introduction: The Failure of EU Integration and the Threat to Supply Security in the Western Balkans. With the annexation of Crimea by the Russian Federation, the realization that Russia is becoming a revanchist and destabilizing power gave the EU no alternative but to prioritize...

Waiting for the Great Gas Cutoff

European countries from Germany and Poland to Italy and Turkey now need to ensure they have emergency plans in place to deal with a possible cut-off of Russian gas supplies. At risk are the roughly one-fifth of their supplies delivered via pipelines through Ukraine, and even greater volumes if other...

The War of Energy Independence: Central and South East Europe warms to Russian dependency

Introduction The recent ‘war of independence’ against Western European owned utilities in Central Eastern Europe (CEE) and South East Europe (SEE) sets the stage for re-integration into Russia’s energy sphere – and dependence. A war against electricity, gas and water prices has...

Gazprom Interested in Macedonia for South Stream Project

Russia’s Gazprom eyes opportunities in Macedonia while maintaining its focus on the South Stream project, President Aleksey Miller said on Wednesday according to a note released by the Government of the Republic of Macedonia. Miller said his company is interested in cooperating with the Balkan...

Medvedev and Miller Working to Speed Up South Stream

Russia's Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev and Gazprom’s Chairman Alexey Miller are pushing to build South Stream as soon as possible. Medvedev approved a draft agreement with Macedonia on Friday, while Miller met Bulgarian Ministers to address the Russian-Bulgarian cooperation in the gas sector.

Platts: Russian PM approves draft deal for South Stream gas line offshoot to Macedonia

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has approved the draft agreement with Macedonia to build an offshoot from the South Stream gas pipeline to the Balkan country, according to the government website. Under Medvedev's orders published Friday, Russia's energy ministry and the ministry of foreign affairs...

Round 13: An Interview with TAP's Kjetil Tungland

Editor's Note: Round 13 refers to the 13th round between Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali in the legendary boxing match known as the "Thrilla in Manila." Round 13 is considered the fiercest round in boxing history. The Trans-Adriatic Pipeline and the Nabucco Consortium have been locked in a far...

Macedonia to Sign Agreement for South Stream Pipeline Project

Macedonia will sign an agreement to join the South Stream Pipeline, according to the Macedonian newspaper Utrinski Vesnik. The South Stream Pipeline will deliver natural gas from Russia to Central and South Eastern Europe, connecting Austria and Italy to the world’s largest gas reserves. According...

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