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Expert Views on Lithuania, Ukraine at the FT European Gas Summit

Despite the crisis in Ukraine, the gas industry must take decisions on the basis of rational assessments, rather than in the wake of political bickering. Europe is indeed drifting away from the Golden Age of Gas and the only way to support development of this energy source is to make it more price competitive.

Lithuanian PM: “Lithuania Welcomes Shale Production Bidders”

The topic of hydrocarbons along with meat exports and security enhancements were among the top three questions on Lithuania’s Prime Minister Algirdas Butkevicius’ US visit agenda last week, which included a meeting with US Vice-president Joe Biden. “Just by putting the issue of shale...

Lithuania Plans to Win Back Chevron with Amended Shale Gas Legislation

Ahead of the US visit next month, Lithuanian Prime Minister Algirdas Butkevicius has informed that he is going to meet with Chevron representatives overseas and introduce them to the country’s amended 'investor-friendly' shale gas regulations aiming to attract potential investors and, possibly...

Klaipeda’s LNG Terminal: A Game Changer

The Klaipeda LNG terminal will enable Lithuania and its neighbours to access alternatives to Russian gas and will serve as the flagship for Baltic efforts to successfully address their persistent energy vulnerability, writes Agnia Grigas. The end of summer will elicit concerns among many EU states regarding...

Amid Ukraine-Russia crisis, Chevron Would Have Bolstered Lithuania's Enegy Security

In light of the Russian actions in Ukraine and potential ramifications, Chevron’s presence would have bolstered Lithuania’s energy security, says Eligijus Masiulis, a Lithuanian MP and chairman of the opposition Liberal Sajudis (Movement) Party. “If Chevron had stayed and been allowed...

Aftermath of Ukraine Crisis: What Shale Europe Do?

Britain took Russia’s annexation of Crimea as a serious sign. A report recently published by the House of Lords stated that exploration and development of the country’s shale gas and oil resources is “an urgent national priority.” Prime Minister David Cameron had announced...

Baltic States’ Contributions to Gazprom-Alternative Pipeline Redistributed

The European Union’s Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER) has redistributed the costs among the countries that have nodded to participation in the construction of a Gazprom-alternative gas pipeline, stretching through Poland and Lithuania. For example, Latvia will now...

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