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Italian Presidency to Focus on Interconnections, Neutral to Targets

The Italian government has the opportunity to show leadership at a difficult moment for Europe, neighbouring regions and the gas industry. Apart from its internal economic problems, instability around the Old Continent translates into additional complexity for Brussels (and Rome). Against this backdrop...

Environmental Effects of the TAP Pipeline

Italy is probably the most difficult place on Earth to build new industrial infrastructures, at least judging from the troubles encountered by any proposed energy project over the last several decades. The Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP), the gas pipeline expected to bring gas from the Caspian Sea to Italy...

East Med Not a Solution for European Energy Security, Says Expert

Natural Gas Europe had the pleasure of speaking with Sohbet Karbuz, Director of the Hydrocarbons division at Observatoire Mediterraneen de l’Energie (an energy industry association). We spoke about the coming Italian presidency of the Council of the European Union, E&P activities in the Mediterranean...

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