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East Med Gas: Immediate and Distance Solutions

The Eastern Mediterranean became central in natural gas dialogues since the discovery of substantial amounts of natural gas under its seabed. The increased attention it received could be explained by the simple fact that the Eastern Mediterranean was considered energy poor until Israel’s discovery...

EU-Turkey Energy Relations After the 2014 Ukraine Crisis

In this article Simone Tagliapietra summarizes the key results of a new study published by the Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei aimed at exploring the future prospects of the EU-Turkey energy relations in the aftermath of the 2014 Ukraine crisis. Considering the rapidly evolving situation in the region...

Increased Activity in the East Med Gas Sector

The East Mediterranean natural gas sector has been a riddle with continuous changes in plans by all players both state and corporate for quite some time. A set of new initiatives has shed more light into the activities, particularly those involving a potential new axis that will encompass Bulgaria, Greece...

The Political Sensitivity of the Jordanian-Israeli Deal

A 15 years, USD 15 billion gas deal made the news last week. Noble Energy, and on behalf of the Leviathan partners, signed on Wednesday 3 September an MOU with the government of Jordan for the purpose of supplying 45 billion cubic meters of gas over 15 years from the offshore Leviathan field to Jordan's...

Gaza: A War and a Gas deal

Israeli and Palestinian delegations were in Cairo to conduct indirect talks brokered by the Egyptians during the on-again, off-again ceasefire. The two parties have a series of demands they want fulfilled for the fighting to end. Israel requires the demilitarization of Gaza and the disarming of Hamas...

The Decreasing Probability of an Israel-Turkey Pipeline

A 72-hour truce ended on Friday, causing the violence between Israel and Gaza to resume. Ceasefire efforts brokered by Egypt were able to secure another cessation of hostilities, albeit only temporary.. With no sight of a real solution to the problem, the probability of a pipeline from the Leviathan...

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