Thursday, July 31, 2014

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Constructive Meeting Between Russia and EC, Says Almunia

Three steps forward, three steps back in the past day for the relationship between Russia and Europe. On the one hand, the bilateral agreements signed by Gazprom with Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary, Greece, Slovenia, Croatia and Austria are in breach of EU law, said the European Commission. On the other...

Greece, Cyprus Push for East Med Pipeline Amidst Difficulties

The European Commission's recent approval of the East Med Pipeline as a Project of Common Interest (PCI) has lifted hopes both in Athens and Nicosia that the plan may eventually go ahead in coming years. More specifically, according to the Greek Ministry of Energy, the prospective project...

EU Pushes for Balkan Gas Market

Regional energy integration, specifically of gas markets, was the message at a recent international forum in Belgrade from the Energy Community. The Energy Community (also known as the Energy Community of South East Europe) is a community established between the EU and nine contracting...

Natural Gas Prospects in the Balkans

A recent international energy workshop in Athens, Greece provided several pointers for the up and coming upstream gas sector in several Balkan countries. The region is unexplored in most respects and workshop participants were assured of promising findings that could literally transform Europe's gas...

Greece Hopes for Revival of East Med Pipeline Project

A high level delegation headed by Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, along with members of his Ministerial cabinet, visited Israel on the 8th of October. Various memorandums and agreements were signed and a East Mediterranean gas pipeline project revival looks likely. Greece's Minister of Environment...

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