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Gas Projects in Southeast Europe Gather Pace

Several natural gas infrastructure projects in Southeastern European countries are moving ahead and slowly but steadily building up the regional market. More analytically, it was recently announced that in June 2014 an interconnector gas pipeline between Bulgaria and Romania will be finalized, overcoming...

South East Europe: Greece the Gateway for the EU Gas Supply

By virtue of its geographical location, the strategy of Greece in the natural gas sector is to contribute to the development of a competitive, liquid market in South East Europe and to maintain the momentum on energy security as well as the need for further diversification of sources and routes. For...

A Changing European Gas Market is Discussed in Greece

The Athens Energy Forum 2014 was characterized by an abundance of information and discussions on the rapid changes relating to the European natural gas sector, amidst political antagonisms, corporate projects and the effects of the global economy. The Trans- Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) was amongst the main...

Cyprus and Greece: Dilemmas in Energy Infrastructure

The European Commission recently marked as a Project of Common Interest (PCI) the pipeline that will link the Greek and Cypriot deposits (East Med Pipeline), lifting the hopes of both Athens and Nicosia about the possibilities of seeing this project materialising.  The project seeks the construction...

South Stream: Is Gazprom Willing to Invest Billions in a Project that Could Serve its Competitors?

The South Stream natural gas pipeline project is in the limelight in Brussels. Gazprom's ability to supply the energy corridor exclusively with its own gas and not allowing its competitors to use it is being questioned. Based on the Third Energy Package, a legislation debate and dialogue between...

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