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Waiting for the Great Gas Cutoff

European countries from Germany and Poland to Italy and Turkey now need to ensure they have emergency plans in place to deal with a possible cut-off of Russian gas supplies. At risk are the roughly one-fifth of their supplies delivered via pipelines through Ukraine, and even greater volumes if other...

North–South Gas Corridor: Geopolitical Breakthrough in Central Europe

Despite delays, a lack of short-term results, as well as turbulent domestic political agendas, the North–South Gas Corridor (NSGC or NSI) remains a priority for all of the Central European states. There are significant differences among them in terms of the level of market liberalisation...

Four Questions on Shale Gas Development in Europe and the U.S.

Can the U.S. shale gas boom happen in Europe? The short answer to that question, is no. A combination of factors have contributed to the U.S. shale gas and oil boom, namely favorable geological conditions, (access to) infrastructure, substantial public support (amongst others spurred by attractive mineral...

Energy Security in Central and Eastern Europe: Towards a Common Approach

Energy security is of high importance to the EU, Russia and European transit states like Slovakia or Ukraine. Central and Eastern Europe has several options to diversify imports away from Gazprom: diversification of suppliers, increase in LNG imports, shift to a more short-term contracting (all undermining...

Will Natural Gas Place the United States to Again be a Geopolitical Player in Europe

Central Europe is a Ready Market for U.S. Gas   The global economy is still struggling to overcome the effects of the recession sparked by the 2008 financial crisis. But energy — in particular, shale gas exploration — has become one of the strongest engines for the U.S. economy. U.

RWE Sells Czech TSO Unit NET4GAS

RWE AG has agreed to sell its Czech natural gas pipeline division in a deal worth about €1.2 billion ($1.5 billion). German utility signed an agreement for the sale of 100% of its shares in NET4GAS, s.r.o., the independent Gas Transmission Operator in the Czech Republic, to a consortium of Allianz...

Shale Gas in the Czech Republic: Interview with Jakub Groszkowski

Natural Gas Europe was pleased to have the opportunity to speak with Jakub Groszkowski of the OSW (Centre for Eastern Studies) on the Czech Republic and Central Europe.  Mr. Groszkowski is co-author of the recent work Shale gas in Bulgaria, the Czech Republic and Romania. Political...

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