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Will the ‘Power of Siberia’ Take Off?

In May 2014 Russia signed a major 30 year, 38bcm per annum gas deal with China deliverable from 2018. Whilst there have been questions as to price of the gas (estimated at $300 per thousand cubic metres) the two real questions are firstly can Russia really deliver on the deal and secondly, what impact...

Central Asia Clash Mars China Gas Plan

A fresh outbreak of border violence in Central Asia has raised doubts about China's plan to start building a gas pipeline through Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan this year.The deadly clash between border guards of the two countries on July 10 was a virtual replay of fighting in January, suggesting there has...

Russia to Lose Political Leverage, China to Remain Dependent despite Shale

Natural Gas Europe had the pleasure to speak with Zhenbo Hou, co-author of the working paper “The development implications of the fracking revolution.” The report released by the UK think-thank Overseas Development Institute (ODI) present the ripple effect of shale gas developments. US and...

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