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2030 Energy Security | Brussels | Dec 10th
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Belgium Needs Gas-Fired Power Plants But Sends Investors Ambiguous Signals

The coalition agreement between the four parties composing the new Belgian federal government is keeping almost every option for the development of power production open. Candidate investors interested in constructing new gas-fired power plants still await real incentives. Meanwhile, Belgium risks experiencing...

Belgium Wants to Support Gas-Fired Power Plants with Nuclear Money

The Belgian federal government has approved the energy plan put forward by secretary of state (deputy minister) for energy Melchior Wathelet (CDH). A main subject in this plan is the support of existing and new gas-fired power plants, mainly with money from the nuclear sector. Until now, investors were...

GRTgaz and Swedegas Join Initiative for Carbon Neutral Gas Supply by 2050

France's GRTgaz and Swedish Swedegas join the Dutch-Danish-Belgian initiative to develop a 100% carbon-neutral gas supply by 2050. Both gas transport operators officially announced this engagement during the Gas Week in the European Parliament in Brussels. By signing the common commitment, the companies...

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