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Azerbaijan: Natural Gas Strengthens Ties with Friendly, Reliable, and Strategic Partners in the Region

Natural Gas Europe seeks to promote dialogue and the exchange of viewpoints.  We are pleased to publish the following Letter to the Editor Dear Editor: I read the article entitled “Natural Gas Strengthens Ties in the Caucasus and Central Asia”, which appeared on Natural Gas online...

European Union Sets Forward its Natural Gas Priorities

The Working Group of the Directorate General for the EU Commission has recently chosen several gas projects as 'crucial' for the overall energy security in Europe. This decision will play its role regarding the Southern Corridor developments, and the emerging architecture of natural gas infrastructure...

Natural Gas Strengthens Ties in the Caucasus and Central Asia

Over the last few weeks, Turkish and Caspian authorities have several times celebrated the successful implementation of their oil and gas pipelines, alongside announcing their willingness to cooperate in building the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars (BTK) Railway, though they are still need the consent of two excluded...

AGRI LNG: Potential for Project High if European Demand Remains Firm

The Interconnector Azerbaijan-Georgia-Romania-Hungary (AGRI) pipeline project is still possible, and could provide a stimulus for “east Caspian countries” to produce more gas, according to energy specialist Liana Jervalidze. AGRI, a proposed source of liquid national gas (LNG) to Europe...

Gulmira Rzayeva: Final Stretch for the Southern Corridor

Gulmira Rzayeva provides insightful comments and remarks regarding the final countdown towards the selection of the preferred route of the “Southern Corridor” natural gas pipeline currently being contested between Trans-Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) and Nabucco West. Moreover she...

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