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2030 Energy Security | Brussels | Dec 10th
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The Western Balkans and EU Energy Security: Protecting Europe’s Flank

 1.0. Introduction: The Failure of EU Integration and the Threat to Supply Security in the Western Balkans. With the annexation of Crimea by the Russian Federation, the realization that Russia is becoming a revanchist and destabilizing power gave the EU no alternative but to prioritize...

EU Pushes for Balkan Gas Market

Regional energy integration, specifically of gas markets, was the message at a recent international forum in Belgrade from the Energy Community. The Energy Community (also known as the Energy Community of South East Europe) is a community established between the EU and nine contracting...

Natural Gas Prospects in the Balkans

A recent international energy workshop in Athens, Greece provided several pointers for the up and coming upstream gas sector in several Balkan countries. The region is unexplored in most respects and workshop participants were assured of promising findings that could literally transform Europe's gas...

Trans Adriatic Pipeline Assumes Greater Regional Role

The Trans Adriatic Pipeline's (TAP) selection by the Shah Deniz Consortium established the long-awaited Southern Corridor Route and gave hopes for a new substantial diversification route for the whole of Europe.   At the 2nd Annual Balkan Oil & Gas Summit held September 24th and 25th...

A Newly Emerging Adriatic Natural Gas Exploration Sector

The key role of Adriatic and central Balkans in the EU future gas mix Interesting findings were presented by key corporate and state players regarding the expectations of natural gas explorations in the Adriatic Sea and Central Balkans during the recent 2nd Annual Balkan Oil & Gas Summit held...

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