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2030 Energy Security | Brussels | Dec 10th
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Week 40 Overview

The last week raised a question. Is there a Ukraine - EU disconnect on gas matters or perhaps European Commissioner Gunther Oettinger committed a diplomatic "faux pas"? On September 26, Oettinger said in Berlin that there was a high probability that Moscow and Kiev would have signed the interim agreement...

Russia Seeks Stronger Ties with Germany

Russia confirmed its intention to strengthen ties with Germany, despite the inability of Berlin to broker a deal between Moscow and Kiev. ‘The President of Russia gave a high appraisal of the great positive potential that Russia and Germany have built up in their relations and noted how important...

Aftermath of Ukraine Crisis: What Shale Europe Do?

Britain took Russia’s annexation of Crimea as a serious sign. A report recently published by the House of Lords stated that exploration and development of the country’s shale gas and oil resources is “an urgent national priority.” Prime Minister David Cameron had announced...

EUROFORUM conference “Gas 2014” (NOV 4-6) Daniel Scholten
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