Thursday, August 21, 2014

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Shale Revolution & the "Double Whammy"

At the Energy Security Summit 2014 in Berlin, Germany, Udo Niehage, Senior Vice President, Head of Government Affairs Berlin and Company Representative for the German Energy Transition, Siemens AG, introduced the session dedicated to “New Energy Markets and Security of Supply,” noting that...

European Gas Landscape: Continuity and Change

At Flame in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Prof. Jonathan Stern of the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies waxed nostalgically on the natural gas happenings when the first such natural gas conference had been held in 1995. He commented, “There are some elements of great change and also of some...

Week 22 Overview

The standoff over Ukraine has winners and losers. The 22nd week of the year made it even clearer. German companies are the first movers, the first ones to adjust to the current situation and clearly the first to reap the benefits of the recent changes. While the UK and Poland are trying to move on, Germany...

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