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EU Keeps Sanctions in Place Against Russia

The European Union said on Friday it will keep sanctions in place against Russia, adding it expects Moscow to respect Ukraine’s national sovereignty and territorial integrity. It also asked the Russian Federation to support the political stabilisation and economic recovery of Kiev.  ‘The...

Ukraine’s PM Braces for Heating Season

Ukraine took urgent measures to provide people with heating on Friday, with the Central Government instructing regional administration to do their part. Earlier this week, Kiev asked regional governments to pay their debts to Naftogaz. ‘Arseniy Yatsenyuk has been informed by the first deputy chairman...

Expert Views on Lithuania, Ukraine at the FT European Gas Summit

Despite the crisis in Ukraine, the gas industry must take decisions on the basis of rational assessments, rather than in the wake of political bickering. Europe is indeed drifting away from the Golden Age of Gas and the only way to support development of this energy source is to make it more price competitive.

Belgium Needs Gas-Fired Power Plants But Sends Investors Ambiguous Signals

The coalition agreement between the four parties composing the new Belgian federal government is keeping almost every option for the development of power production open. Candidate investors interested in constructing new gas-fired power plants still await real incentives. Meanwhile, Belgium risks experiencing...

EU-Russia Gas Relations and the Ukrainian Crisis: Why Pipeline Politics Should Not Be Overemphasized

EU-Russia gas relations have been predominately analyzed within the broader geopolitical framework with a particular focus on pipeline politics and the physical dimension of energy security that has included inter alia debates about EU diversification strategies and Russia’s ‘energy weapon’.

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