Thursday, August 21, 2014

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Conundrum for Baltics: Will Russia Cut off Gas Supply in Retaliation?

Amid Russian embargo in retaliation of the EU and US sanctions against Russia in the wake of a downing Malaysian airliner, part of the Baltics’ political highest echelons are increasingly worried that the jarred Eastern neighbor can resort to killer-measures against the Baltics,  which would...

Greek Energy Strategy Relies on Natural Gas

The Greek state has decided under its mid to long-term energy planning, to place emphasis on natural gas projects, aimed both for the domestic and the regional markets. All of them mentioned below have been approved by the EU's authorities, as Projects of Common Interest (PCI) or have been given a priority...

Aleksei Grivach - Deputy Director National Energy Security Fund of Russia

"It is very possible that transit of Russian gas through Ukraine may be interrupted"   Natural Gas Europe had the pleasure to conduct a "gas talk" with Aleksei Grivach, Deputy Director National Energy Security Fund of Russia. Topics touched upon revolve upon the current state of affairs between...

Week 33 Overview

After Hillary Clinton’s comments about American mistakes in Iraq, it sounds logical that other countries are going to use her statement to position for increased influence the Middle East.  Amongst them, Turkey is clearly leading the way. With Tayyip Erdogan becoming President in less than...

The Decreasing Probability of an Israel-Turkey Pipeline

A 72-hour truce ended on Friday, causing the violence between Israel and Gaza to resume. Ceasefire efforts brokered by Egypt were able to secure another cessation of hostilities, albeit only temporary.. With no sight of a real solution to the problem, the probability of a pipeline from the Leviathan...

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