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Opposition to South Stream: “All Political”

At the Gas Dialogues event Development and Use of Natural Gas in the Danube Region: Prospects and Opportunities, which took place in Budapest, Hungary, former member of the Bulgarian parliament and chairman of the Energy Committee, Mr. Yavor Kuiumdijev, Bulgarian Socialist Party, spoke about what he...

Interview with Michael Hoffmann: TAP's Role in European Energy Security

The EU’s long term goal regarding energy security is to become independent from one single gas supplier, increasing competition by having diverse energy suppliers. For these reasons, the EU promotes the Southern Gas Corridor, a strategically important gas value-chain passing through Azerbaijan...

East Med Gas: Immediate and Distance Solutions

The Eastern Mediterranean became central in natural gas dialogues since the discovery of substantial amounts of natural gas under its seabed. The increased attention it received could be explained by the simple fact that the Eastern Mediterranean was considered energy poor until Israel’s discovery...

Czech Republic: Preparations for a Gas Crisis

The Czech gas system was preparing for a crisis situation, he said, for restriction or interruption of supply to customers according to consumption levels, according to Jan Zaplatilek, Director, Gas and Liquid Fuels Department, Czech Republic Ministry of Industry and Trade, who provided perspective from...

Week 39 Overview

The 39th week of the year ended with the hope that Brussels and Moscow could soon defuse tensions in Ukraine, through a mix of reciprocal concessions. The Europeans and Russians might have also been speaking about the South Stream project. Azerbaijan, has been building increasing prominence in European...

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