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Al-Monitor: What will Turkey do if Russia turns off gas?

As the European Union toughens sanctions on Russia over the Ukraine crisis, uneasiness is growing over the possibility of Russia retaliating by cutting natural gas supplies. With winter approaching, European countries reliant on Russian gas have been taking precautions against the “freezing scenario.

Daily Mail: German gas trading grows in 2014, Europe hubs expand

Gas trade is growing in Germany in line with a continental European trend which has also boosted growth in the bigger Dutch market, challenging Britain's dominance of the sector. Wholesale natural gas trading volumes in continental Europe have risen sharply in the past years, bolstered by the common...

Reuters: Energy efficiency - bigger than shale: Kemp

The United States is experiencing the largest and most sustained drop in oil demand since the start of the petroleum era in 1859 thanks to improvements in efficiency and the switch to alternative fuels. Quietly and almost unnoticed by most commentators, efficiency and fuel switching are making an even...

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