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Trend: Gas exports to endanger Iran’s energy security

Iran sits on the world's largest natural gas reserves. The country's estimated reserves are around 33.6 trillion cubic meters or 18 per cent of the world's total proven gas reserves. However, the development rate of the country's gas projects is slow, and gas accounts for a major share of Iran's energy...

The National Interest: Time for Natural Gas Diplomacy

The United States is undergoing one of the quietest economic revolutions in history. Unthinkable only a few years ago, the shale gas revolution has drastically reduced domestic natural gas prices, making it possible for the U.S. to shutter heavily polluting coal plants, reduce the overall carbon intensiveness...

Yorkshire Post: Osborne claims victory in battle over fracking

GEORGE Osborne has claimed victory in the battle for hearts and minds over fracking as he said Britain is leading Europe in the exploration for shale gas. The Chancellor said there is now a “broad consensus” among the British public over the need to drill for shale gas in the UK, following...

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