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Forbes: What Does The U.S. See In Cypriot Natural Gas?

Following a tumultuous few years of political and economic upheaval, the small European nation of Cyprus has suddenly found itself the subject of more official U.S. interest than it has seen in 50 years. In addition to visits from James Townsend, the assistant undersecretary of Defence for Europe and...

FT: Energy: The indispensable country

In the sleepy farmland of south Texas, near the ghost town of Helena, the 18 gleaming towers of ConocoPhillips’ oil stabilisation plant are an incongruous sight. Three years ago, there were only fields here but facilities have sprung up to handle the flood of oil pouring out of the Eagle Ford...

The Telegraph: New UK energy minister faces fracking battle

Matt Hancock's first major task on stepping into Michael Fallon’s shoes at the Department of Energy and Climate Change (Decc) will be to persuade world-scale oil and gas companies to bid in the biggest auction yet to develop shale resources. However, the horse racing enthusiast faces a tough challenge...

Gainsborough Standard: Gainsborough: More fracking sites possible

IGas Energy Plc, the UK’s leading onshore oil and gas exploration, are looking for more areas in and around Gainsborough for fracking. IGas has taken initial steps to find out if it is worth applying for permission to undertake test drilling in the area. The drilling would be to take rock samples...

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