Thursday, July 31, 2014

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The Telegraph: Scottish shale gas and oil 'no game-changer'

Shale energy in Scotland will be “no game-changer”, industry sources have warned, ahead of the publication of a report mapping potential fracking targets north of the border. The British Geological Survey has conducted a survey of shale resources across the central belt of Scotland...

Blackpool Gazette:

Cuadrilla Resources submitted a planning application last week for permission to drill, frack and test gas flow at up to four wells at Roseacre Wood near Kirkham. The documents have been accepted by Lancashire County Council and are now open to public scrutiny. It follows a similar bid at Preston New...

ITAR-TASS: Putin pledges reliable energy supplies to Europe

Russia has always been a reliable supplier of energy resources to Europe and is determined to continue fulfilling its contractual obligations, President Vladimir Putin said on Friday. “Our country was and remains a reliable energy supplier to Europe,” Putin said at a ceremony of receiving...

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