Wednesday, August 20, 2014

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Petroleum Economist (Sub req): Tricky politics for UK shale

Faced with declining oil and gas output from mature fields in the North Sea, European Union-wide mandates to cut carbon emissions, a rising energy import bill and growing concern at sharp increase in domestic utility prices, it seems logical that the UK government would encourage a shift towards developing...

WSJ: Drop In Demand For Oil Hints at Global Slowdown

Wondering where global growth is headed this year? It might help to keep an eye on today’s oil prices. A sharp drop in global oil demand that began in May was a “leading indicator” of slowing global growth, as the latest round of gross domestic product data from Europe and Japan have...

Arab News: Future of Saudi petroleum sector

Concerns are being raised about Saudi Arabia’s leadership in the petroleum sector in the context of reports of shale gas and oil resources coming from certain countries. It was mentioned in some quarters that the recent discovery of North American shale gas and oil, especially in the United States...

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