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Danube event Budapest Gas Dialogues September 16th
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Trend: Will Europe freeze without Russian gas?

Protracted conflicts in the Middle East, as well as the war in Ukraine, which "transported" to Europe 86 billion cubic meters of Russian gas last year, is forcing the "Old World" to urgently seek alternative sources of fuel supply. Europe has partially solved this issue with plans to purchase Azerbaijani...

Forbes: Moroccan Shale Shows Potential, Just In Time

This past week, it was reported that San Leon Energy produced the first oil shale from its Timahdit license, roughly eight months after it signed an MoU with Chevron Lummus Global related to technologies needed to “produce synthetic crude oil from raw shale oil” in the area. The news comes...

FT: Private equity groups make $500m UK North Sea oil investment

Buyout groups Blackstone and Blue Water Energy are providing $500m to Siccar Point Energy, a new UK-focused oil company, in one of the largest ever private equity investments in North Sea oil. The move highlights the continuing international appeal of Britain’s offshore oilfields, in spite of...

USA Today: Which country relies most heavily on Russian gas?

When it comes to energy, Germany is a bit of a conundrum. It's a global leader in renewables usage, having increased the share of renewables in its total energy consumption from 6% to an impressive 25% over the past decade. Yet it's also a heavy user of coal – a fact that's glaringly inconsistent...

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