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The Telegraph: UK fracking faces bust amid Opec oil price war

Experts have warned that a rush to start fracking for oil across Britain may already be over before it has even begun as the slump in global crude oil prices makes the controversial method of drilling look increasingly uneconomic. Bids from oil companies for licences to search and potentially drill...

The Ecologist: NASA confirms US's 2,500-square-mile methane cloud

Floating over the US Southwest is a cloud of methane the size of Delaware, writes Mike G - reflecting the release of almost 600,000 tonnes of the powerful greenhouse gas every year. Its origins? Coalbed gas production, fracking and horizontal drilling The hot spot happens to be above New Mexico's San...

The Telegraph: Oil find expected in Britain’s Dallas

Investors will learn this week whether an oilfield near Gatwick Airport known as “Britain’s Dallas” could hold billions of pounds worth of oil and gas, in what could be the biggest onshore oil discovery in England since the 1960s. According to Magellan Petroleum, which owns a 35pc...

NRDC: Pentagon Sees Climate Change as Immediate Security Risk

The Department of Defense released its 2014 Climate Change Adaption Roadmap on Monday, outlining how the U.S. military plans to adapt to the impacts of climate change. For the first time, the Pentagon discusses climate change as an immediate risk--a factor that should be incorporated into how the military...

ICIS: Scottish Enterprise: Grangemouth

After a very public and intense fight about the future of Grangemouth, investments are now underway at the site, which is attracting much customer interest The battle for Scotland’s Grangemouth refinery and petrochemicals hub was a flare-up in the UK business landscape large and intense enough...

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