Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Drew EGC Report
5th Mediterranean Oil and Gas Conference

Shale Gas

Baker & McKenzie Report on Shale Gas in Australia

INTRODUCTION Industry background Australia potentially has one of the world's largest shale gas reserves, with technically recoverable resources estimated at 437 trillion cubic feet (TCF) according... More ▶


The Slovakian-Ukrainian gas reversal: What is Bratislava up to?

On 10 April, Prime Minister Robert Fico announced that Slovakia was ready to make steps needed to launch the gas reversal from Western Europe to Ukraine via its territory. However, fearing that the reversal... More ▶


Shell Expands Russia Project with Support from Putin

Royal Dutch Shell PLC has won a promise of support from President Vladimir Putin for an oil and gas project it hopes to expand in Russia's Far East. The Sakhalin-2 project on Sakhalin Island north of... More ▶


European Union Funds CCS Project in UK

An indicative illustration of the White Rose Carbon Capture and Storage Project (Credit: White Rose) The European Union intends to fund CCS demonstration plants in Europe to be built by 2020, paying particular attention to the UK’s White Rose development in North Yorkshire. Confirming a report... More ▶

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Natural Gas Asia
Maplecroft: Russia Country Risk Report
CGES Gas Study
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