Tuesday, July 22, 2014

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Shale Gas

The "Next Great Game Changer" or Not?

Was the so-called shale gas revolution the "Next Great Game Changer?" That was the question grappled with by speakers at the Energy Security Summit 2014 in Berlin, Germany. To place that in context, Christoph... More ▶


Cost of South Stream in Serbia Rise

Centrgaz, a Gazprom subsidiary contracted for the construction recently announced it signed a contract for EUR 2.1 bn, while Russian energy minister Alexander Novak estimated the cost of the Serbian stretch... More ▶


European Union Funds CCS Project in UK

An indicative illustration of the White Rose Carbon Capture and Storage Project (Credit: White Rose) The European Union intends to fund CCS demonstration plants in Europe to be built by 2020, paying particular attention to the UK’s White Rose development in North Yorkshire. Confirming a report... More ▶

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