Friday, August 22, 2014

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South Stream Bulgaria’s Capital Increase is Breach of Protocol, Says Sofia

Gazprom confirmed that South Stream Bulgaria suspended orders and contracts for the South Stream gas pipeline construction in the country. At the same time, a Russian newspaper voiced the possibility of... More ▶


Gasum, Alexela Present Alternative Projects for LNG Facilities in Gulf of Finland

(Credit: Gasum) Finland’s Gasum and Estonia’s Alexela Energia have presented collaboration models to go forward with their LNG plans in the Gulf of Finland. ‘The alternative collaboration models, having... More ▶


Japan Bets on 'Clean Coal' to Revive Fukushima

In the belly of a sprawling power complex almost 150 miles north of Tokyo, embattled Tokyo Electric Power Co. has hatched a plan to boost its bottom line and breathe life back into towns of the Fukushima... More ▶

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EVENT AD: ESGOS (Eric Lewis - Charles Maxwell)
EVENT AD: Chatham House: Energy and Economic Competitiveness
EVENT AD: London Oil & Gas Forum (Energy Stream: Demetra)
EVENT AD: FT EUROPEAN GAS SUMMIT (Michael Lundby) Oct 23 2014
EVENT AD: European Autumn Gas Conference (EAGS 2014) - Hope Grant/Lawrence Allen
EVENT AD: Chatham House: Climate Change
King and Spalding Oil and Gas Update
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